web design

I am primarily a web designer. Here are some sites that I have designed most recently, and please see the archive for screenshots of design work done between 1998 and 2006.

See more about my work below...

St John's College
Epilepsy Society
Catholic Trust
Beads by Jojo

web design archive

There are aspects of the older work that is definitely dated (I have been around since 800x600!), and they are also all for South African companies (so many have an Africa look and feel) but there are still some good ideas there, in a variety of different industries. The thumbnails below will take you to the first screenshot of each design - keep clicking on the screens to work your way through the images, and eventually you'll end up back at this page to select another design to look at.

about this site

This site had been built using the Bootstrap responsive template, in Dreamweaver. I did the illustrations myself - sometimes it's nice to see something human, something done by hand, on a website.