I am Nicole Lenferna de la Motte, a web designer living and working in London.

I thrive on variety - both in the type of work I do and styles too. I believe that inspiration comes from everywhere, and I am passionate about photography and food. Since I have a rounded experience of producing websites, I believe in making life simple, and doing something properly at the beginning can make life so much easier further down the line.

I studied Graphic Design and started off on a web agency environment where I learnt how to design and build websites - I worked my way up to Senior Designer, then went on to work as a Web Content Manager for a tour operator and I am currently working within the not-for-profit sector. I am an Interactive Designer for Blackbaud Europe - the European branch of an American company that produces software and solutions for the not-for-profit sector. My role is produce websites for not-for-profits who use our web CMS software, Blackbaud NetCommunity. I get to work with all sorts of people from different types and sizes of organisation, different skills levels and different needs. My job is to give them what they need in a way that will be easy for them to maintain, that is visually appealing AND fits branding!

I have been a web designer since 1998 - I've been around a while, i have worked for a few different companies so I know about how to work with different kinds of people in different kinds of jobs, and how to conduct myself professionally in the workplace.

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